Meet The Team
from Valley Truck Leasing.

Not your ordinary crew. We’re focused on extraordinary results.

Why do other truck leasing and rental companies fall short of Valley Truck Leasing? Our team. To start, upper management is accessible 24/7. That sets the tone with full accountability expected at every step. The horizontal structure of Valley Truck Leasing maximizes our commitment to working together, knowing that we all win when a customer experiences the best trailer rental, outstanding truck repair, or memorable fleet leasing.

We make a point of researching and securing the latest
equipment: new developments, new products, new options.
Forecasting the needs of our current customers and our own experience with the market help us manage our assets and decide on what (and when) to pull the trigger.

Meet the Valley Truck Leasing team below.

The Valley Truck Leasing Team:

Francis Arbuckle
Service Director
Jacqui Bakes
A.P. & Information Technologies
Kevin Savage
Accounting, Permits & Licensing
Lea Ann Nelson
Trip & Fuel Reporting
Tammy Szeligowski
A.R. & Lease Billing
Chris Brandt
Parts & Warranty Manager
Tonya Krupka
Rental Manager
Jesse Toppins
Sales and Leasing
Mark Corrigan
Sales and Leasing
Sue Ahrens
Accounting Manager
Greg Christie
Operations Manager
J.J. Toppins
Owner / President